NVASP is committed to collaborative efforts with educational professionals, mental health professionals, and broad school mental health efforts. This document outlines specific information about collaborative school mental health.

Awareness & Promotion

NVASP is committed to increasing awareness of the field of school psychology, reaching out to community stakeholders in order to promote school psychologists in Nevada. NVASP strives to grow a diverse membership to best serve students in Nevada. 

Position Statements

School Safety - NVASP provides leadership on school safety, including the psychological and physical well-being of students and staff.

Continuous Improvement - NVASP provides opportunities for professional learning and encourages members to improve their practices.

Social and Racial Justice - NVASP ensures equal opportunity and diversity in the field of school psychology and within the populations we serve.

Community Involvement - NVASP educates community stakeholders on who we are, what we do, and evidence-based practices.

Guidelines for SupervisionNVASP supports and encourages licensed school psychologists to train interns with specific guidelines and recommendations that align with best practices for supervision.

Wellness - NVASP encourages school psychologists to practice self-care and utilize mental health resources if needed.


NVASP is committed to gathering information, formulating recommendations, and liaising relative to representation, compensation, training, recruitment, retention, and other aspects related to shortages of school psychologists in Nevada. 

Government & Professional Relations

NVASP is committed to providing assistance to school psychologists on advocacy and public policy related activities (including grassroots and/or advanced advocacy training), providing professional development focused on educating school psychologists about key policy and advocacy initiatives, meeting with elected officials, writing policy papers, staying abreast of public policy and advocacy related issues, presenting to partner stakeholders, and developing resources. 

2019 Legislative Session (full text bills)

SB 89 - School Safety

SB 319 - Defines School Psychologist

AB 289 - Read by Grade Three Revisions

SB 372 - Changing Licensing Requirement (DEAD)

SB 555 - Includes funding for 5% salary increases for NCSP (Chapter 19, Subsection 7c)

Previous Advocacy Efforts

Professional Development

NVASP is committed to providing high-quality, affordable professional development to members in order to foster growth in the field of school psychology. 

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