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2016 Spring Bowling Social

A Review by the NVASP Insider Before the Social

By Michael Rube, Social Director

The NVASP Insider reported the official Orleans Casino Sports Book lines for the upcoming Second Annual NVASP Bowling Social to be held today at 4:30pm.  A detailed statistical analysis of last year’s results yielded uncertainty as to reliable contenders for the highly coveted “School Psychologist Bowler of the Year” trophy.  As explained to the NVASP Insider by certain unnamed sources, many of last year’s scores were 3 standard deviations below the mean with significant scatter of overall results.  Unconfirmed reports indicated at least one negative score.  With such disparity within the field, the competition may prove to be furious and come down to the wire. NVASP President Tim McIvor was quoted as saying, “It’s anyone’s game”.  Mr. McIvor elaborated and put his comments into layman’s terms.  “By saying it’s ‘anyone’s game’, what I’m saying is that anyone could win the trophy.  By ‘anyone’, I mean any of the competitors could win.  In other words, I’m saying that any competitor could get the highest score and win the trophy.  All they have to do is get a score that is better than everyone else.  By everyone else, I mean the other bowlers.  I know it sounds complicated, but it’s really not…”

With such an array of impressive athletes, the NVASP Bowling Insider can't wait to publish the final results.

Final Results

Winners: Todd Andrews, Teresa Andrews, and Brendon Ross

First Place: Todd Andrews

Second Place: Teresa Andrews

Third Place: Brendon Ross

Best Area Coordinator: Audrey Dockweiler

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