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2015 Spring Bowling Social

35 photo(s) Updated on: 01 Apr 2015

A Review by the NVASP Insider a Week Before the Social

By Michael Rube, Social Director

The NVASP Bowling Insider reported the official Red Rock Sports Book lines for the upcoming First Annual NVASP Bowling Social. Highlights of the report indicated a tightly packed and highly competitive field chock full of outstanding bowlers. The banter has been fast and furious. Melody Thompson, area coordinator, was quoted as saying that she could win the highly coveted, "School Psychologist Bowler of the Year" trophy with "both hands tied behind her back". Bowler Rochelle Graves simply stated, "I'll let my league play speak for itself". Joseph Roberts, a late registrant to the bowling social said, "What tournament?" Tim McIvor, NVASP president, could not be reached for comment. Feisty Jasmine Mitchell reported that "the trophy goes home with the Mitchells..." Reliable sources smell a "rat"--we mean "ringer". The "over/under" on Jasmine Mitchell is 50 so the Insider recommends a big wager on the "under". Stay tuned for further breaking developments--

With such an array of impressive athletes, the NVASP Bowling Insider can't wait to publish the final results.

Final Results

The Winners: Todd Andrews, Brendon Ross, and Michael Rube

First Place: Todd Andrews

Second Place: Brendon Ross

Todd Andrews also won the raffle! 

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